An Enthusiastic Entrepreneur

Hello! I am a highly-skilled, enthusiastic entrepreneur running an Indian-based IT company comprising skilled and experienced human resources, all prepped up to deliver captivating and eye-catching business IT solutions worldwide.

I am a leader

About Me

I am a leader, always ready to learn and explore something new to enhance my skills and knowledge. With these learning and leading skills, I am running a company of 100+ employees.

I belong to a renowned business family. After completing my graduation in BCA, I started working as an employee at Dell Pvt. Ltd. I always wanted to do something big on my own, so after serving at Dell, I started my own IT company named Virtual Oplossing. With my skills and hard work, I took my company to the next level of growth and held various achievements and certifications.

While growing in IT, I established my services in Healthcare, Logistics, and Recruitment as well. I aim to build a huge customer network worldwide. So for that, I am not only delivering my services in India but also in other parts of the world including the USA, Canada, the UK, and Europe.

My Skills

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My Experience


Know My University

After I completed my graduation in BCA, I was selected to join as an employee in Dell Pvt. Ltd. I worked there will full dedication and was promoted as the operation head. Here, I got the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills. Also, I have learned a lot of things that helped me to succeed in my life.

Virtual Oplossing

As I said, I always wanted to do something on my own. So I established my own IT company. I started my company on a small scale with 5 employees. Now, with my hard work and skills, I am operating on a large scale with 100+ employees. We as a team have served 3000+ clients to date and the number keeps on rising..


Our Business

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

It Solutions

Achieving customer satisfaction is the topmost priority for me and my employees as well. So for that, we together as a team provide full-stack IT solutions to...

Logistics Solutions

I and my team are here to move you towards success. We aim at providing the best and the most effective logistics solutions to help you connect...

Healthcare Solutions

At Virtual Oplossing, my team is properly trained to manage the medical billing, coding, RCM, and other requirements of all healthcare providers. Our motive is to make...

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Me and my entire team of VO IT, VO Healthcare and VO Logistics are all ready to serve the best and most effective services within your budget. We are your one-stop destination to get quality-driven results.